Our Cattle

Using quality genetics from well known & respected studs such as:  

  • High Country

  • RSVP

  • Sylvan Springs

We breed a consistent line of animals year in year out, each animal we offer for sale is structurally sound with a quiet temperament, plenty of depth & skin, clean underlines.   Our animals are bred to perform and add value to any herd. 

Our Breeders

Our females are the heart of our stud.  All females were chosen for their genetics, femininity, mothering ability, skin and depth.  Each of our breeders has proven to be exceptional mothers breeding consistent quiet well-structured calves each year.  


Our Sires

Our sires are bred to be early maturing, with clean underlines, structurally sound, depth, good feet and plenty of skin.  Their temperament and structure is passed down to their progeny.  Our bulls are ready to work!